Olive Kabajaasi

Programme Manager, Walimu

Since 2011 I have been developing and conducting qualitative research studies. My current research focuses on HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Sepsis.

My research involves talking to children, adolescent, caretakers and healthcare providers in different settings.

Having studied Social Sciences at Kyambogo University, I began working at World Vision Uganda. I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management at the Uganda Management Institute. I moved from Baylor and joined Walimu as a Program Manager in 2015. Whilst working at Walimu, I became a Research Fellow for the NIH Makerere University, UC-Berkeley-Yale University Pulmonary of AIDS Research Training (PART) Program.

I completed my Master of Arts Degree in Sociology at Makerere University in 2018, which examined the perceived barriers and enablers to implementation of Provider Initiated HIV Testing and Counselling for Hospitalized patients in Uganda. Under the senior mentorship of Dr. Anne Katahoire, I’m now the Social Scientist for ARCS study and other qualitative studies research studies, all embedded within large programs running within Walimu.

My main aim is to develop theoretically informed qualitative evidence, which can have an applied impact on improving health being conducted in Walimu. Prior to working at Walimu in 2015, I worked as a lead Social Scientist for the qualitative longitudinal research programme exploring the experiences of young people growing with HIV and/ or exposed to high HIV risk. This study was being run in Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa and UK as well as the United Kingdom and the United States of America.